Etsy Love: Homemade Heroes to the Rescue!

No - these are not my little guys. No pics until the party!

No - these are not my little guys. No pics until the party!

After months of agony, I’ve decided on a theme for Sam’s 1st/Jack’s 2nd birthday party – SUPERHEROES!

I mean, what little kid doesn’t want to don a cape, mask and fight the crime in their backyard?!

First things first…finding the cape. Checked out a few specialty shops online but they were going for $50-$100 a pop! (Are you kidding me?!)

Thank god for ETSY where I found a smorgasbord of superhero stuff at much more reasonable prices!

After some digging, I ordered a cape from Homemade Heroes to test out. I’m so happy I did! 

Very well made. The fabric is durable and the emblems are top notch.

GOOD VALUE?  Definitely
Did I mention the capes are only $18 AND they are reversible?? Yep – that means you get 2 capes for a fraction of the price of one on the fancy sites. I chose the Superman/Batman combo but there are loads of other choices on her site, including batgirl for the little supermamas. 

Each cape comes with a  black superhero mask for your little guy. I brushed this off as just a fun extra when I bought it but when he put it on I nearly died laughing. It makes the costume.

SERVICE?  Excellent
Quick and courteous


P.S. BEFORE YOU GO PLANNING AN INTERVENTION – Yes, I realize their birthdays are in September and its only May. Yes, I realize they won’t remember one second of it. Yes, I realize I’m crazy but I like it.


  1. Aunt Nissa says:

    PERFECT. I’m already putting my Wonder Woman costume together. I’ll come in the invisible plane.

    Oh, wait… was it just the kids you meant to dress up? My bad….

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