Olive & Cocoa – a fantastic combo

olivecocoa Yesterday, I opened my mail to a rare¬† treat…a catalog I’ve never heard of before – Olive & Cocoa.


Olive and Cocoa  has the three Ps (presentation, product and packaging) in spades!

The collection has everything from modern Martha-worthy floral arrangements to multi-colored Aussie Licorice Box and soft and snuggly baby blankets.

Olive and Cocoa_Aussie_Licorice_Box_L

I was shocked to find gifts in all price ranges because everything, including the gift packaging, looks top notch. Cannot wait to give this one a try. Will report back.

703_Chocolate_Ming_Blanket_Snuggle_Set_L 753_The_Finley_L 673_Guardian_Angel_Necklace_L 110_Indulgent_Pomegranate_Archipelago_Spa_Gift_Basket_L


  1. Lily says:

    I love your blog – and you have posted such cute stuff. Do you ever do reviews of products? I’d love for you to check out the Padalily. I’m always hoping that by networking with other moms, I can get the word out about my invention. Thanks so much!

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