My latest etsy addiction – fabric coffee sleeves

How can you be a responsible earthly citizen AND feed your need for cute fabric? It’s easy… fabric coffee sleeves!

I first professed my love for these over here on MightyNest a few months ago, but I just keep finding new designs that I can’t pass up, so figured I’d take you guys down with me.

Feeling Mod?
etsy seller: katiepcolvin – $4


Or maybe a little more girly?
etsy seller: sspillman ~ $8

fruit polka cup

You can never go wrong with a sock monkey
etsy seller: FriedOkra – $12


Too much cute? Can’t decide? Try reversible!
etsy seller: TheDoeAndTheMouse - $10

reversible sleeve

There are zillions to choose from on Just type in coffee sleeve and you’re off to the races. Have fun!


  1. Hey ‘pursuit of cute’!

    Came across your post here (was referred to it from wordpress) and wanted to let you know about a giveaway I’m doing at the moment over on my blog. It’s for a custom, hand-embroidered coffee sleeve by Etsy crafter, pillowhead. If you’d like to enter, visit the link:

    gemma@thesweetestdigs (

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