A cow, a kitty and one happy mom

yuko-lau-peek-a-boo-ii-catWhen I was decorating our nursery, I needed something to brighten up the pale blue walls. The rules were simple…no balls, bats, dinosaurs, bugs, trucks, trains, tools or robots.

7 months and 3 million hours surfing the Web later, I finally found Yuko Lao and fell in love with her colorful happy canvas prints sold on art.com.

There are so many cute animals to choose from. Monkeys, pigs, giraffes…you name it. I chose the kitty and the cow — but only after some serious deliberation.

She’s also added these to the series recently! SO DARN CUTE.


UGH. No more room left on the walls in the nursery. I wonder if Brad will let me put one up in our room…??

Gone bananas!

big-monkey-blankeyAs the mom of two boys, I used to think I was getting a raw deal because girl stuff was so much cuter. That was before Mr. Funky.

Mr. Funky (or just Funky as we call him) is a blankey made by Baby Leo Designs. To say he’s soft and durable is an understatement. This blankey is made of decadent fabric that will stand the test of time – and anything else my little monsters can throw at it.

But the real genius comes in the hilarious monkey faces – PERFECT distraction technique for our weekly Target tantrum.

Funky has done the impossible. He has made me completely forget about tutus and princess crap.

We don’t go anywhere without Funky. I don’t think you should either.

Confessions of a cheapskate mommy

Sometimes, I can be cheap. Like break-out-in-hives-if-something-is-over-$100 cheap. I’m getting better but until now, spending around $15 a pop on lotions and soap for a newborn was just crazy talk. I mean, at the end of the day it’s all the same stuff right? Just different packaging….


Cut to my newborn son, Sammy, with horrible cradle cap. I went to Target and bought whatever brand of newborn shampoo that was on sale. It got worse….much worse. At one point he looked like one of the models in a Head & Shoulders commercial!!

After a couple of weeks of watching him suffer (BAD MOMMY!) I finally sucked it up and bought Mustela’s Stelaker treatment made especially for babies with cradle cap . What an amazing difference! Within a few days, his cradle cap was gone and his skin skin is soft as – well – a baby.

I’m not going to lie and say I love spending this much on shampoo BUT what can I say? They made a believer out of me. I guess sometimes it pays to pay, especially when it comes to your kids.

Now my big problem is Mustela products are only available at high end pharmacies or placeslike Nordstrom and Buy Buy Baby. If they only sold it at Target….

Gotta have my peas

flyingpeas.comThere are A TON of great sites out there selling baby stuff but my favorite has to be FlyingPeas. This site was started by Terra Carmichael, a SUPERMOM of 3 with an eye for hip stuff for the little ones.

The selection and service are really hard to beat.You can find everything here from cadet caps to adorable shawls to classy necklaces for mom. My personal favorite has to be the construction spoon and fork – genius gift for those picky little guys!

If that’s not enough, she packages up each gift in an adorable gift bag with a note and a lollipop. I promise, go with Flying Peas and you’ll have the cutest gift at the baby shower.

I heart BabySoy…alot

I love everything about Babysoy. The rich chocolates and soft blues and pinks, the mix-n-match pieces and, of course, the really really soft cotton.
BabySoy basics are must-haves but when I was digging on their site I noticed these cute graphic t-shirts! Who knew? Sadly, they all look pretty girly so I can’t buy them for the boys but since everyone and their mom is having a girl right now, I’m dogearing this page for gift ideas.
Did you know? Babysoy is the 1st company in the world to create baby’s newborn wardrobe using soybean protein fiber – otherwise known as leftover pulp from tofu, soymilk and other soy products. All that and they’re adorable!
p.s I love everything BUT their URL which has a pesky USA at the end making it hard to remember. http://www.babysoyusa.com/. Whoever owns the fake page at babysoy.com should give it up already!

Eat your veggies!

It’s no secret I love buying baby gifts. I can’t stop at just one thing. I’ll buy a dress – then the tights – the shoes – then a little barrette just because its the oh-so-perfect shade of hot pink to match the dress – and to top it all off, some sort of teddy bear or teether or something. (and yes, since I am cheap I somehow manage to get it all on sale)

Lucky for me, I was able to stock up on the adorable fruits and veggie teethers from Under the Nile. There are so many to choose from all in cool colors sure to match whatever else you have in the gift bag. Plus, it’s a great way to get kids to eat fruits and veggies….even if they are just (Egyptian organic) cotton.