Love Starbucks? Grow your own Barista.

hween jack at star tarI’m completely 100% totally addicted to Starbucks. And I’m not just saying that to be cute. I need a venti-two-pump-whole-milk-extra-hot-no-whip-mocha  every single day – sometimes twice  – or I just can’t survive.

Starbucks was the first place my boys ever visited in the real world - both within the first week of life. My oldest, the little barista shown here, is now 2 and I kid you not, the first thing he says every morning is “Mama…we go to Starbucks?” One day in the drive-thru he actually recited my drink (mind you, most adults can’t even do that) and now, he insists on having his own “coffee” (h20) at every visit.

So it’s only fitting that my little man wanted to be a barista for Halloween. I found an adult apron on ebay and gave it to grandma who cut it off, hemmed it and even made mini-pockets to match the big apron. (thank god for grandma) It was absolutely adorable!

starbucks apron

Of course, today while poking around the Starbucks site, I found an online store and what do they sell??


Duh. Maybe next time I should check the site – huh? I’m definitely not telling grandma.

Oh well, at least you and your little ones can now play along!

The Starbucks kid apron can be found at $12.99