Crocodile Creek – making mealtime a happy time

6c42145b0c7b0c9f46a8579d0d0cf313Mealtime in my house is pretty messy… the food AND the mood.

With two under two, there’s always someone who isn’t getting served as fast as he would like!  

I initially bought these placemats because they were so cute – bright colors, fun cartoony illustrations of animals, trucks and flowers. But when I got them home I realized I’d hit the jackpot. 

Each placemat is actually a tool to help kids learn their numbers, letters, animal noises and even geography.  For example, the map of the USA shows each state with a little picture of what that particular state is known for. Around the edges there are questions for kids to ask like “Where was I born?”, “Where is the desert?” or “Where do my grandparents live?” What a great way to distract interact with your child!

croc usa

And it works. These days, I get a few breaks in between dodging flying banana slices to ask Jack where mommy and daddy are from. Last night he pointed to the state of Michigan and said “CAH.” (translation = car) GENIUS!

Then he beaned me in the head with his brothers bottle. Nice.